Monday, March 15, 2010

off to see the world's largest cheeto...

and along the way we'll take meghan on her first college visit. a momentous occasion. a pivotal moment in all our lives, the visit, not the cheeto. meghan is the youngest of our four so when she goes off to school we will officially be "empty nesters". i hate that phrase. with jeffrey retired and the kids gone off to do their own things we will have become a cliche, a bladder control commercial, a repaint the kids room and get new carpeting ad. oh, wait. i'll still be working. strike that. they don't make commercials like our family. whew! i just took a large step back from the edge of the cliff. still, it's not that easy to take your youngest on her first college visit even though you know it's the right and normal thing to do. i guess not wanting to do it is the right and normal thing too maybe. maybe the cheeto will ease the pain.

Monday, March 8, 2010

i've done it again...

not in that britney way, come on now, i've started blogging then stopped. i frustrate me. i need more cheetos. i think that's the ticket. wait, more cheetos don't get me down to fighting weight and that's supposed to be the goal. i just can't help myself when it comes to the orange food group. why aren't they good for you? all things orange should be. orange juice is, right? okay, then. i rest my case. i will just pretend that cheetos are made from oranges. that's just too gross.

10 am=snack time. i'll catch you people later. pay no attention to the orange keyboard. it cleans right up. :^)